Anderson advertisement way off base

June 9, 2014

This letter is in response to the paid advertising article, Some Interesting History, that appeared in a recent Cape Gazette and was written by Phyllis Schlafly and edited by Daniel G. Anderson. Interesting article, but naïve.

Our “present mess” is dramatically saying that this country has too many unemployed poor people who should not be receiving government assistance. That is an easy statement to make, but hard to defend. Yes, we have too many unemployed people, but the question is why. It is not the unemployed people who are causing unemployment. It is the greed of businesses who want to make large profits, even if it means giving jobs to workers in other countries. If many of these companies had stayed in this country we would have more jobs available, ergo less unemployment.

Another problem is the rising population, not only in this country, but all over the world. The progress that many businesses have made using computers and automated machines came with a price, which results in fewer workers being needed. Fewer jobs, more people needing jobs - do you see a pattern?

In your opinion Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps caused a “massive change in the role of government.” Agreed, but what is the role of government? Is it the role of government to let Americans suffer, or is its role to care for the common good? How many Americans were helped by these programs compared to how many were harmed?

Another naïve statement was that the policy of channeling welfare money to mothers has made fraternal family providers unnecessary, thus breaking up millions of intact families. Isn’t it just a little possible that poverty and lack of jobs is what breaks up families?

Prior to 1965 “federal powers never presumed to tell schools what to teach”. Wasn’t that when equality and equal opportunity for all became ever more important? Schools at an earlier time only had to teach people how to read and write and maybe teach a trade. Today’s schools have a more difficult job to try to prepare students for today’s jobs. We still have a ways to go as higher education gets priced out of the reach of many students who are poor and cannot afford to compete with students from wealthier families.

When LBJ started to hand out tax-paid goodies a big majority of Americans trusted the government to do what was right. They were right to believe that. The government was acting to improve America. Today the favorable view of Washington has declined. Again, ask why. Americans today do not trust a government that puts politics ahead of doing what is right. And, which party is most responsible for this distrust?

On November 4, 2014, there will be an election where we can replace those Senators and Congressmen who do not represent their constituents’ needs and wishes. Most of these people are the same ones that the paid article has been criticizing. I wish they could get as organized as Conservative Republicans and recognize men and women who best represent their needs and wishes.

Thomas Kaptor

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