Homemade makes me happy

June 3, 2014
Blueberry lemonade - so delicious! BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY

I am feeling very nostalgic these days. Maybe even having a little more mom-guilt than usual. Maybe it’s the summer weather. Or the fact that school kids will soon be out for the summer.

I remember when I was a little kid. My mom was a teacher so she was always home with us in the summer. It was so exciting to walk out of school on that last day knowing that the summer stretched out in front of us like a big warm hug.

As a working mom, the guilt hits a little more in the summer months because I know that my kids will have to continue going to daycare. There won’t be months of playing with mom at home. It makes me look forward to the weekends even more. And, I want to make those weekends as special as possible. Even if we can’t go anywhere, I like to add homemade touches to our days simply because it makes me happy.

The garden grows

A month or so ago we planted seeds. Now they have burst through the soil into beautiful plants. This past weekend, I gathered up some oregano and dill, washed them and put them in my dehydrator. A couple hours later, I had fresh, dried herbs! Look mom, I made herbs!

Weekend scrambled eggs with home-grown dried herbs makes me happy.

A little extra

Store-bought lemonade powder is easy and convenient, but have you ever made your own lemonade? It’s so much better!

Here’s what I do: About three lemons squeezed into a large jug, then I slice up a fourth lemon for the pretty factor. In a small saucepan, put a cup of sugar and a cup of water. Heat on the stove until the sugar is dissolved – it doesn’t have to come to a full boil. While that’s working add several cups of ice to the jug with the lemon juice and sliced lemon. Once the sugar is dissolved (let cool for a little if you want), pour it over the ice. Then add cold water to fill.

This is a basic (and delicious) recipe that you change up with different flavors.

Try frozen blueberries – just know that they will clog the spout if you have one on your jug.

Mint or dill add a nice flavor too.

Strawberries is a no brainer!

It’s the little things in life.

Go spread some love – and hug those kiddos!

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