Through the eyes of Mayor Sam Cooper

June 6, 2014

When Sam Cooper announced yet another run for mayor of Rehoboth Beach last week, we were reminded of our elected leaders 30 years ago, just about the time that Mr. Cooper first took office. Our world was very different. There was no Internet. No cell phones. No diversity and no outreach in public office.

Government at a national, state and local level was run by middle-aged white men. Just look at the composition of the U.S. Congress at that time if you disagree.

This is when we first started to believe in term limits for our elected officials.

• Term limits bring additional opportunities to serve in public office to people of different races, backgrounds and focuses.

• Term limits keep our elected officials responsive to their constituents.

• Term limits allow for more minorities and women to enter the political sphere.

• Term limits promote fresh ideas.

We think Mr. Cooper deserves lots of recognition for his past accomplishments for the City of Rehoboth Beach, and we would like to see him stay involved in the city. But, really - 27 years? Come on Mr. Cooper, give it up! It’s time to let fresh eyes look at our town’s issues.

Vote for Tom McGlone as Rehoboth Beach’s next mayor in the city election, August 9.. McGlone will work to implement term limits for the City of Rehoboth Beach.

MaryAnn Bruno

Dee Speck

Vernon S. Crawford

Linda Kauffman

Andrew Meddick

Nancy Mondero

Mark Saunders

Phil Suchanek

Bob Thoman

Rehoboth Beach

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