Lewes couple thanks Georgetown SPCA

June 13, 2014

Recently David Ruffo and his partner Jack Foreman of Lewes went to the Georgetown SPCA to look at a dog they were considering adopting.

Just before they arrived, they were told someone had left Coco, a mixed breed, outside in a cage with a note attached.

The note informed the shelter that Coco's owner could no longer care for her and hoped the shelter could find a good home for her. The dog appeared to be in good health, but maybe a bit bewildered.

"Coco's former owner should rest assured that we fell in love with her pet and she is safe, secure and happy with us," Ruffo said. "If anyone knows Coco's previous owner please pass on this information to her. I know how difficult it must have been to give up your beloved pet, but I want you to know that you did the right thing. It is clear from Coco's behavior that she was not abused, but loved and cared for. Our other dog Mickey, also a rescue, is adjusting well to his new sister."

Ruffo urges all readers to donate financial support to any shelter that cares for  beloved cats and dogs that, through no fault of their own, are left to fend for themselves.
He extended particular thanks to the wonderful staff at the Georgetown SPCA for their dedication and service.

"Thank you Collin, Chris, the staff, and my dear friend Cindy Hoffman, who is simply the best," he said.

Above, Ruffo sits with Mickey the Yorkie, left, and Coco.