Shooting down McGlone's assertions

June 12, 2014


"I would like to re-evaluate the outfall project" writes civic gadfly Tom McGlone, erstwhile civic rookie wannabe mayor who has never served on the commission or taken the time to learn how Rehoboth works.

I may have missed something, but during the long ocean outfall public review process, in which I and other concerned folks were involved, we never saw Tom or heard his voice. He must have missed the respected marine scientists from the University of Delaware who were in support of ocean outfall as the best alternative, and testimony from other neighboring communities who use the process and have never had any bad effect on their beaches or their tourism, or the evaluation that alterative's were significantly more costly for taxpayers.

The pattern seems to be for Mr. McGlone and his shadow backers to be running on a platform that anything Mayor Sam Cooper was for they would like to "re-evaluate."

Hmmm. Would they like to "re-evaluate" the zoning changes enacted and supported by a referendum, changes which prevented McMansions and hideous "Army barrack" townhouses we see in the overdevelopment along Route 1? Would they "re-evaluate" beach replenishment and fixing the Boardwalk and extending the active seasons for the business community through spring and fall? Would they like to "re-evaluate" Main Street and the tree preservation efforts? Would they like to "re-evaluate" the comprehensive development plan, and height restrictions for development downtown and along the Boardwalk.

Whoever Tom is and "they" are, just getting up in the morning and attacking Sam Cooper and many good things that have happened under his time as mayor leads one to believe they want not just to get rid of Sam, but all those measures.

Tom, people have told you repeatedly, run for city commissioner, and if you win, you can learn how Rehoboth Beach works and then you can run for mayor with an agenda other than rolling back everything we citizens have fought for to preserve the cottage environment and to make businesses prosper. You and your shadow backers might learn something in the process.

Stan Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach

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