The New Flat Earth Society has arrived

June 12, 2014

The good news is that Mayor Sam Cooper had the courage to ban all tobacco on beach and Boardwalk.

He then had the brains not to include "electronic vaping" as part of the ban. One smart politician there, I tell ya. Rehoboth and Delaware are lucky to have such a reasonable and balanced public servant. It may have led the Delaware House of Representatives to table its effort on HB 309 variations.

I believe that those who oppose the use of electronic vaporizors in public are well intentioned and mean well but their logic escapes me.

They claim electronic vaporizors can be used to smoke (other stuff) so they should be banned. To follow that logic would mean banning roll your own cigarette papers because someone might use them to roll other stuff instead of loose tobacco.

Well then...since we're at it...

Let's ban drinking glasses and sippy cups because children might use them to drink alcohol. Crazy logic isn't it? And yet we allow the New Flat Earth Nanny's to not only pressure our behavior, but to legitimize Flat Earth logic by electing legislators who refuse to do their homework and cave to Flat Earth logic.

Last week's Cape Gazette had a town politician quoted who said it was OK to ban tobacco because "only" 20 percent of people smoke. So now it's OK to ignore the rights of "only 20 percent?" Thank God! (Oops, I can still say that, can't I?)

He wasn't around to block civil rights in the 60's. After all, that only affected the 10 percent of citizens who were African American. Fast forward to today, let's ignore the rights of the "only 10 percent" of citizens who are gay (of course not).

Flat Earthers are still among us except now they are less tolerant. Bless their little well intentioned hearts.

The world I live in is round, progressive and tolerant, but I must now be tolerant of the intolerant New Flat Earth Society.

Way to go Mayor are a true protector of minority rights. You are a winner !

So now I guess smoking a peace pipe is outta the question for those of us who want to discuss and to use non-nicotine fruit flavored electronic vaporizors. Very tolerant of you Flat Earthers. Very tolerant indeed!

Arty Miller
Rehoboth Beach

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