McGlone needs to get his facts right

June 12, 2014

One of the first lessons a public official needs to learn is: "do your homework"!

If he wants the voters of Rehoboth Beach to support him, Mr. McGlone should do his homework! Had he done so, he would realize that the wastewater outfall project is the result of a court-ordered mandate and not something the City of Rehoboth Beach randomly chose to do.

Had he done so, he would realize that this technology is proven and has been used successfully in Ocean City, Md. for the last 40-plus years and in Bethany Beach for the last 30-plus years. It has been used by thriving, tourist beach communities up and down the East Coast for decades, and this has not hurt their tourist industry.

Had he done his homework by attending the public hearings, or any of the subsequent commission meetings where this proposal was discussed, or had he researched this issue, he would have heard the public comment from both sides and realized that this is indeed the plan the citizens of the City of Rehoboth Beach have always supported.

Had he done his homework, he would realize how a high water table and varying soil conditions in Sussex County, can make the alternative to ocean outfall, spray irrigation, a challenge to effectively operate, especially after heavy rain, snow or ice.

Had he done so, he would realize that ocean outfall is the most environmentally responsible solution for the citizens of the City of Rehoboth Beach, as verified by the Environmental Impact Statement. It Is also the most cost-effective. Communities who must rely on spray irrigation elsewhere have seen their costs skyrocket many times more than what is anticipated here.

The wastewater outfall project has been debated and researched and developed with public participation, including input from well over 100 citizens in several transparent public sessions. Much time and effort has gone into the creation of the final Environmental Impact Statement after working with multiple state and federal agencies, resolving questions and concerns, and identifying funding sources.

Mr. McGlone would have this entire process scrapped and "re-evaluated"? He would start over, at a wasted cost of millions of dollars? Where is the fiscal responsibility in that?

The Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Rehoboth Beach have done their homework. It's time Mr. McGlone did his and got his facts straight.

Doug Popham
Rehoboth Beach

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