Milton begins work on comprehensive plan

Planning & Zoning Commission urges public participation
Milton planners have begun working on the comprehensive plan. BY NICK ROTH
June 16, 2014

State transportation officials offered an overview of transportation issues as the Town of Milton Planning & Zoning Commission met June 9 to begin reviewing and updating the town’s comprehensive plan.

The planning commission is planning a series of meetings focusing on state requirements for the plan as well as concerns of residents.

Commissioner Barry Goodinson said, “We really want to encourage people to think big. We are coming out of this awful recession, and it’s an opportunity with some things happening here in town.”

“If you have a goofy idea, don’t be afraid to share it,” Goodinson said. “The whole point of these conversations is to collect information and have as many ideas on the table as possible, so when we really get to the planning, we have a lot of ideas to draw from.”

Before DelDOT's presentation, the proposed Overbrook Towne Center was discussed by Commissioner Theodore Kanakos, who reminded residents that the center’s location, at Cave Neck Road, is a gateway road into Milton.

“Although the proposed shopping center isn’t in our projected expansion zone, its impact on us will be great,” he said.

DelDOT planner Roberta Geier also addressed the shopping center proposal, which she also said would significantly impact Milton. Transportation demands will increase on Cave Neck Road and Route 16, she said.

“In developing the mobility element of a comprehensive plan, we are essentially reacting to what you are going to put into your plan, so we can do a plan to address that with the transportation system,” Geier said.

The presentation covered population, strategies, mobility and other topics to provide an overview as the planning commission begins the comprehensive plan process.

“The vision statement should be a description of how the system functions once you grow up to what you want to be,” Geier said.

The next meeting will be on core values, so the comprehensive plan reflects the values and aspirations of its residents. Residents are encouraged to attend and help develop a list of core values to provide a base upon which to make future decisions during the planning process.

More information can be found on Facebook by searching “Milton Plans.”

In addition to core values, a series of meetings will be held on topics that include cultural resources, community development planning, and the Broadkill River. The full list with dates and times can be found online by clicking on comprehensive plan hearings at the Milton town website,