Re-evaluation is not a four-letter word

June 20, 2014

Last week I sent a mailer to all registered voters in Rehoboth Beach. The subject of the letter was negativity in politics. As I run for mayor, I have no intention of running a negative campaign. However, many in politics resort to this type of tactic to get attention even though the negativity is apparent.

As I run for mayor of Rehoboth Beach, I do intend to point out historical facts to help remind voters so that they may use this information as they decide how to cast their votes. Some may perceive these statements of fact as negative. I point them out, along with my solutions, so that voters will know where I stand on specific issues.

• Ocean outfall project - Sometimes, when projects span long periods of time (wastewater in the ocean - 10 years), they should be re-evaluated. Do they still make sense? Are there better alternatives today that did not exist 10 years ago? Is the environment in a different place compared to 10 years ago? Since this ocean outfall project building/financing, etc., has not even commenced after 10 years, it should be re-examined.

If the ocean dumping project and spray irrigation project were similar in cost, would we prefer to dump wastewater in the ocean? I do not think so! Public perception, aquifer drainage and harm to sea life would cause us to make a different choice. As a citizen, I have a call in to the secretary of DNREC to better understand this issue.

• New city hall – Seven years ago, the City of Rehoboth Beach spent $500,000 which commissioned a study for City Hall improvements, a public safety building, a parking garage, and a new convention center. This money was wasted, as very little of the study was implemented. Fast forward seven years and the mayor is spending yet another $500,000 to “study” building a new 40,000-square-foot government structure to house city employees for a one-mile-big town. I am calling again for re-evaluation of this project and a halt to spending another $500,000. Today, many taxpayers in town do not even know that a new $17 million City Hall project is even being studied.

• Re-evaluation is not a dirty word! - Some people think that re-evaluation is a dirty word. As I run for mayor, I want the city to get the biggest bang for its buck. Wasting $1,000,000 on two studies when large problems are left unsolved is ridiculous. Having term limits allows better accountability to constituents as things are no longer on autopilot.

Communication is critical for Rehoboth Beach when 80 percent of property owners do not live in town full time.

Lastly, anyone who knows me knows how diligent I am at doing homework. I have worked in the planning field for the last 20 years. Perhaps my neighbors who write accusatory letters to the paper should pick up the phone and call me. Ask me about my ideas. If anyone wonders who my “shadow backers” are, talk to your neighbors; they will tell you to Vote for Tom McGlone for Mayor of Rehoboth Beach. After all, isn’t Rehoboth Beach about neighborly actions and our great little town?

Thomas McGlone
candidate for mayor of Rehoboth Beach

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