Briggs King officially announces bid for re-election

Speaking to the attendees to the official announcement Briggs King said, "I'm sure that most of you know I work diligently to address the concerns and to advocate for you on a daily basis. It's not just during the campaign, its a way of life." BY STEVEN BILLUPS
June 24, 2014

On June 10 Ruth Briggs King made it official: she filed for re-election to the State House of Representatives for the 37th District. First elected in 2009, Briggs King seeks to return to Dover to continue her work for the citizens of the 37th District and the State of Delaware.

“Since first being elected, I have worked every day for the people of this district. We have many difficult issues facing us today - crime, healthcare, traffic and budget worries. And I have worked on each issue for the betterment of this district.”

A voice for the taxpayers, Briggs King asks the tough questions of budget writers and those who want to tax and spend. “At a time when our economy is in crisis, we don’t need to look to raise taxes, fees and other hidden costs passed along to the consumer.” The State of Delaware is facing a very difficult budget year and Briggs King seeks to hold the majority party responsible for their actions. “Gas taxes, increased fees, reduced salaries - a spend, spend, spend mentality without regard to where the money comes from is not the way to run government,” she said.

This session, her supporters say she has worked tirelessly across party lines to improve the worker’s compensation system in Delaware. “We have made progress, but much remains to be done” to bring the compensation system in Delaware into parity. As a member of the Small Business Committee in the House, Briggs King brings her life-long experience as a small business person, a farming family and a private sector employee to the table. “We need jobs. Good, quality jobs - not more feeding at the public trough, but jobs for everyone with a liveable wage.”

Briggs King is widely known throughout the district. She’s a native Sussex Countian who holds her regular coffees and meetings in the district. “You know what you get when you vote for me. I’m not an unknown. When you vote for me you don’t have hear ‘trust me - I will be here for you’. I’ve proven that for years - long before I was first elected,” said Briggs King.

“Criminal activity in our district is concerning. The increasing fear of violence, theft and drug abuse is real throughout our state. We must do more to insure the law-abiding population of Delaware is safe in their own homes.”

Delaware’s General Election is slated Tuesday, Nov. 4.