City of Lewes unveils Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Map & Guide

Map of bicycle and pedestrian-friendly routes.
June 26, 2014

The City of Lewes Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee recently introduced its first “Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Map & Guide” as part of the city’s efforts to support its reputation as a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community.

According to Michael Tyler, chairman of the Lewes Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, “The Map & Guide supports our status as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.” He said that the committee has been working on developing an aid like this for more than a year.

The folded four-color brochure fits easily in pockets and information racks and when unfolded reveals a color-keyed map measuring 15 inches by 23 inches. The map identifies such things as bike racks, safe places to walk and ride, parks, restrooms and other aids that provide information for cyclists and pedestrians.

Part of the new map and guide’s information came from the city’s original brochure listing the responsibilities of bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists as well as statistics supporting the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety. In a welcoming letter on the first page of the guide, Mayor Ted Becker encourages readers to “put aside your vehicle and enjoy Lewes by walking or bicycling around our historic city.” He says that “not only will you get a little exercise, but you will also have a unique view and experience what a small town atmosphere can provide.”

Lewes prides itself as a town where activities such as cycling and walking promote a better quality of life. At the June 9 Lewes City Council meeting, one of the elements for declaring July as Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Month stated: “Levels of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are lower in cities where a hither percentage of commuters bicycle or walk to work and cities where derivers get used to sharing the road with bikers and walkers generally have lower rates of pedestrian and bike accidents and fatalities.”

Tyler hopes this map and guide will live up to the city’s proclamation and “encourage smart cycling and walking that result in continued progress to improve our reputation as a bicycle and pedestrian community.” He noted further that “I hope this new brochure will encouraged cyclists to ride with traffic, stay off sidewalks and use bike racks located throughout the city.

The map and guide will be distributed throughout the city on bike rack info boxes, the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, Lewes Cycle Shop, hotels and real estate offices. They will also be available at the Lewes Police Department and City Hall.