Rehoboth candidate explains reasons

June 20, 2014

As I embark on my run for city commissioner in Rehoboth Beach, I wanted to provide some answers to those who may ask why I am running. Well, to start, I am a full-time resident. That means winter (and boy did we have one), spring, summer and fall. I live here because I choose to. I do not have a second home or a weekend getaway. I live here because I believe Rehoboth Beach is one of the best places in the world to live. Why would this great beach town be anyone’s second choice to live?

Now you know I live here and I love Rehoboth Beach. So, what can I offer? I can offer my dedication, integrity and pragmatic approach to problem solving. As a former Massachusetts State Police Officer and a local business owner for over 18 years, I have used these skills effectively and successfully. I believe as one commissioner among a group of leaders, I can contribute these skills to assist the process of governing.

I have no radical agenda or desire to change things in this city, which I believe is well managed right now. But Rehoboth Beach, as any city today, is and will continue to be confronted with challenging decisions. I believe the only way to successfully address these challenges is to work as a member of a team to achieve the best outcome for our city. My time as a member of the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Department has reinforced my thinking on this approach to teamwork.

Oh, and did I say, that as a full- time resident I’m usually the first one at the fire department when a call goes out? So, when the mayor or town manager or other public officials need to call an emergency meeting, you can count on me showing up and probably being the first one there too.

I will be walking around Rehoboth Beach in the coming weeks and months to personally introduce myself to voting members of the community. If you see me, please stop and engage me with your questions. I would like to hear about concerns and issues you may like to have addressed.

I look forward to meeting as many of my fellow citizens as possible in the next few weeks.

John J. Meng III
candidate for commissioner
Rehoboth Beach

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