LRAC seeking bicycle donations for foreign students

June 25, 2014

Now that the warm weather has arrived, so have the foreign students who come to the beaches each summer to work and to experience life in the U.S. Many of the students live miles from their jobs and the fastest, easiest, and sometimes the only way to commute is by bicycle. The Lewes Rehoboth Association of Churches, in conjunction with the International Student Outreach Program, collects gently used bicycles, makes necessary repairs, and loans bikes to students for the summer. The bikes are distributed after students take a bike safety training class. They equip all bikes with lights, and all students are offered a free helmet. When the bikes are returned, they store them and distribute again the next summer.

The good news is through the generosity of area residents, they have been able to provide 96 students with bikes. The bad news is they only have 15 bikes left, and there are more than 50 students waiting for one. That number grows daily as word spreads and their email box fills with requests.

Those living in the Rehoboth area who have a bike they no longer use, consider donating it to this LRAC program. Send an email to and they will make arrangements for pick up.