Gazette needs a conservative columnist

June 26, 2014


Every week we the readers get the same one sided view of what I can say are items that should be on the back page of any publication. Again this week we had to read again areas that Mr. Don Flood feels that are so important - Christie dance; rancher not paying for grazing; someone running for Congress that spent a lot of money and last not approving the bill to help with student debt.

Of course all of this and the items we read each week are the fault of the Bad Republicans/Conservatives. In the two years that I have lived her in Lewes and read the Cape Gazette, not once have I read in Mr. Flood’s column anything but what is wrong and who is at fault - Republicans/Conservatives. Think back has this column every mentioned any of the following and who may be to blame - other than Bush?

IRS scandal; VA scandal; Benghazi whitewashing; Foreign Policy - Ukraine, Iraq, Middle East; AP wiretaps; Fast & Furious; Trade five terrorists for a traitor but can not get one Marine out of a Mexican jail; Dumping illegal Immigrants around the country; and let’s not forget the big one - Obamacare - keep your doctor - keep your plan.

Mr. Flood talks about the poor job prospects because their elders wrecked the economy. I sure hope he put himself on that list. Let's see if he ever mentions the Clintons and how dead broke they where when leaving the White House. They must have done something right - now millionaires - and they can afford to hire lobbyists to protect their tax breaks. Now in one of his upcoming columns he might want to mention an area that the head liberal Democrats in Congress feel that it is so important that he will not attend another Redskins football game until they change the name. This is a subject Mr. Flood can get his teeth into. It would be great if the Cape Gazette would find a good conservative reporter and have them included in the paper.

Robert W. Kuehnl

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