Cape girls' lacrosse team celebrates 2014 state championship

June 20, 2014

The 2014 Cape Henlopen girls' lacrosse team took five shots to the body during the season, losing five games to out-of-state powers with a combined record of 82-14 by a total of seven goals, including home game losses to ManheimTownship (22-3) and Bishop Ireton (20-4) in sudden death overtime.

But back on the Delaware side, the Vikings blew through three state tournament games, running the Mercy, Mercy Me clock with a total 61-15 goal differential for their sixth straight state championship.

An argument could be made that the 2014 team that lost five games in a season equaling the total of the previous five seasons may have been Cape's best team ever. And as has been the case with all six P.J. Kesmodel-coached teams, the Vikings have more firepower returning than graduating.

The Vikings' postseason honors included Kat Judge and Allie Yeager, First Team All-American and All-State; Sam Broadhurst, Taylor Gooch, Sarah Tappan and Maggie Delp, First Team All-State; and Karalyn Joseph and Riley Wagner, Second Team All-State. The Vikings, winners of 74 games in a row in Delaware, will attempt to roll state title seven in 2015.