Surfriders gather for International Surfing Day

Group uses event to oppose Rehoboth Beach outfall project
The Delaware Chapter of the Surfriders Foundation celebrated International Surfing Day June 21 at Indian River Inlet's north beach in Delaware Seashore State Park. The group provided free surfing lessons and took the time to voice their opposition to the proposed Rehoboth Beach outfall project. Pictured with a group waiting in the water for their next wave are (l-r) Garrett Becker, as chapter vice chair John Doerfler and Dwayne Dunlap hold up a sign that reads, "I'm enjoying the Delaware Beaches today...Please don't put a sewage outfall off of Rehoboth Beach so I can enjoy them tomorrow." BY CHRIS FLOOD
June 30, 2014

Nearly 20 people showed up on the north side beach at Indian River Inlet in Delaware Seashore State Park to take park in the Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation’s free surfing lessons.

The event was scheduled for International Surfing Day – June 21 – and was also a chance for the group to raise awareness of its opposition to the proposed outfall pipe off the shores of Rehoboth Beach.

The town is under a federal order to remove its treated wastewater from Rehoboth Bay via Lewes-Rehoboth Canal by the end of year. It has applied for a state permit to construct a $30 million ocean outfall pipe.

The application lies stalled on the desk of Collin O’Mara, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

John Doerfler, vice chair of Delaware Surfrider Foundation’s Delaware Chapter, said the group has always been against the outfall. They don’t like the idea of dumping treated water into the ocean when there are other alternatives, such as spray irrigation.

“What happens if we have to close the beach? Look at all those kids out there,” he said. “What kind of legacy do we want to leave?”