Pet Travel Safety Tips for You & Your Dog

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June 23, 2014

If you plan to have your dog in your vehicle—whether for a visit to the veterinarian’s office or a trip to a local dog park—please keep these important safety tips in mind:


  • Leash Your Dog before Opening the Car Door

Every year hundreds of pets are lost or injured as they dart out of cars
uncontrolled. Be sure to collar, id tag, and leash your dog before openingthe car door.

  • Keep Heads, Arms, & Legs Inside the Car

Many dogs love to put their head out of the window or ride in the back of a truck. But if it isn’t safe for children, then it isn’t safe for a pet. Not only are there risks of being hit by other traffic or roadside objects, the ASPCA reports that dogs can also get debris in their eyes and lungs leading to illness. Some dogs have also been known to jump out of car windows while driving or stopped, running into traffic or getting lost.

  • Keep Pets Out of the Front Seat

Pets should never be in the front seat of the car while driving and they definitely should not be on your lap. Pets should be in the back seat or the cargo area. If you have a hard time keeping pets in the back seat, there are a number of products that can contain them such as the Kurgo Backseat Barrier or Cargo Barrier.

  • Restrain Pets for Safety

Another way to keep dogs out of the front seat is to restrain them. There are a number of different options for doing this. Pet travel safety product manufacturer Kurgo® offers pet carrier restraints and dog harnesses that can be used with a seat belt tether or zipline that goes the width of the backseat. Learn more at

  • Hydration

Make sure your pets have plenty of water to drink in the car or stop frequently to re-hydrate. Many dogs pant excessively in the
car making hydration even more essential. A dog travel bowl is handy to have for trips.

  • Never Leave Your Dog Alone

Hopefully, it goes without saying that dogs should never be left alone in a car regardless of the weather. The obvious danger is heat. The other danger is that your pet will attract thieves.

We care about the health and safety of your pet. If you have any questions about keeping your pets safe, we will be glad to refer you to the best resources.

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These tips were provided by Kurgo, which is the leading manufacturer of pet travel safety products. With over 10 years of experience developing innovative products, Kurgo’s mission is to help pets and their owners get out and enjoy the world together, safely.

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