Cadbury garden is haven for monarch butterflies

A monarch finds a perch in the Cadbury butterfly garden. When released, dozens immediately flew to the garden. BY RON MACARTHUR
June 27, 2014

During a June 22 ceremony under royal blue skies, dozens of colorful monarch butterflies were set free to a new home in the Cadbury at Lewes butterfly garden. The garden, donated by the Gehron family, is a certified monarch waystation. Stations are set up along the monarch's 3,000-mile migration route from Mexico to areas throughout the United States and Canada.

Cadbury residents and family members purchased monarchs to honor loved ones and benefit Cadbury Senior Services and the Friends of Cadbury Fund. The garden – with 150 plants favored by monarchs – is part of the commemorative walkway celebrating Cadbury's residents, staff, family and friends.

Residents, staff and Lewes in Bloom volunteers assisted in planting the garden.