Why change the state election board law?

June 30, 2014

Delaware's legislators, addicted to making laws, have come up with a new one that would, effectively, allow the elections commissioner, an appointee by the governor, to have control over the three counties and become a member of the new 11-member Election Board - two from each county, two from the city of Wilmington, two at-large and the commissioner ex-officio member as the tie-breaking vote.

So how many of your newspaper readers yowled and commanded this new set up? Is this something we want, as citizens? Is it, I ask again, something we asked for?

This new system will take the responsibility of overseeing elections to political appointees and count on it, some elected ruling class's brother-in-law will be part of that group that controls our elections.

Contact your representative, especially the Democrats as they love laws, can't have enough laws, if there's not enough laws we'll just throw away the laws we have and write new ones!

We love new laws, we love narrowing down the control of our elections to elected politicos.

Don't we?

Patricia Fish

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