Now Hiring Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

- Private group -
June 24, 2014

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers provide a wide range of services for owners of a variety of animals which could include dogs, cats, birds, horses, poultry and exotics. Positions are considered supplemental income only as appointments are never guaranteed.


Serving Sussex County, Delaware


In addition to daytime visits, we are seeking applicants who are available for overnight sits: 9pm-7am


In order to apply for this position, please Email your full name, geographical location, and a short explanation as to why you are interested in being a pet sitter.  Use the subject line "For Your Spot job listing"


We are always looking for committed, animal enthusiasts that wish to pursue supplemental income through professional pet sitting. We are very selective with whom we hire and it's a process that is never rushed. We are always searching for just the right person.