Donna Floyd and Coco patrol Cape Region trails

Donna moved Coco into the sun for this photograph.  "He iridesces best like this," she said.  How about those colors and making an adjective into a verb?!? Love that. BY DENNIS FORNEY
June 26, 2014

Donna Floyd loves to walk the trails of Delaware's Cape Region and so does her Harlequin Macaw Coco.  They can be found any day of the week in Cape Henlopen State Park or Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge or lots of other local places where the only thing overhead is sky and clouds and sun and everything else out there in the great beyond. This morning they were under the arching trees of the Junction and Breakwater Trail.

Coco weighs about four pounds and is 24 years old.  Donna said such birds can live up to 60 years.

When we bid Donna and Coco goodbye, he squawked something in our direction.

"What did he say?" I hollered back to Donna.

"I'm pretty sure he said have a nice day."

You meet the nicest people and birds on the trails. I think it's all that movement and lots of oxygen coursing through the arteries and veins.