Dewey Beach to honor lifeguards July 5

June 30, 2014

Dewey Beach will honor its lifeguards at the Dewey Beach Lifesaving Station, Dagsworthy Street, at 11:30 a.m., Saturday July 5, with the Annual 4th of July BBQ for Dewey Beach Lifeguards

Following a 30-year old tradition, Dewey Beach will honor its lifeguards with a BBQ catered by Bethany Blues. For some 20 years the captain of the Dewey Beach Patrol Todd Fritchman and his late wife Kelly schlepped grills, cooked and bought hamburgers and hot dogs for the lifeguards on the Fourth of July.

“These kids do a great job, and they deserve a little treat. But it wasn’t fair for Todd and his wife to pay for everything out of their own pocket and do all the cooking,” said Steve Huse, treasurer of the Dewey Beach Civic League. “So some residents and businesses stepped in to help.”

So for the last seven years the event was catered. Huse coordinated the effort for the civic league while the cost was split between Dewey Beach Enterprises and the Starboard. The Starboard handled it all the last two years.

With Dewey’s new donation policy, it looked like the lifeguards might go hungry. Rob Marshall, civic league president, polled the board members and this year the civic league will pick up the check.

For more information contact Huse at 518-461-2515 or