St. Peter's rector to share journey of El Camino July 15

"Walking the Camino" film will accompany presentation
July 11, 2014
The Rev. Jeffrey Ross stops for a moment to check out the Cape Gazette as he arrives at the church of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. SOURCE SUBMITTED

The Rev. Jeffrey Ross, rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, will share his experience walking the El Camino de Santiago through a personal presentation and a screening of the movie “Walking the Camino” at 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 15, in the parish hall at 211 Mulberry St. in Lewes.

Ross will recount his personal experience walking the El Camino while on sabbatical this spring.  The movie will give an up-close look at one of humanity’s most time-honored traditions. By following pilgrims from all walks of life as they attempt to cross an entire country on foot with only a backpack, a pair of boots and an open mind, the audience will witness the Camino’s magnetic and miraculous power to change lives.

Across Spain, this sacred path stretches westward to the city of Santiago de Compostela where the bones of the apostle St. James are said to be buried. The Camino is world-renowned; UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site, and the Council of Europe declared it the first European Cultural Itinerary.

Millions of people from all over the world have traveled this trail over the past 1,000 years - in 2010 alone, over 270,000 people attempted the arduous trek - each one a seeker of something. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims sought forgiveness of their sins and admission to heaven. The Camino remains, for many, a quest of faith. Others begin with no spiritual impetus in mind, but nevertheless are drawn to examine their personal beliefs and life purpose. And others are in it simply for the intense physical challenge.

Whatever their motivation, no one can predict just how their path will unfold, who they will meet, what personal demons or angels they will face, or what transformations they will undergo by the trail’s end.

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