Home Inspection Day

- Private group -
July 12, 2014

Hi! Today is the day for your home inspection. You have a professional home inspector conducting the home inspection. I know it is tempting to ask a friend, relative or handyman, but do you really want to confront them if something was not found? In this case go with a pro. If you are buying a property alone take someone with you. Two heads are better than one! Why? Because the home inspector will be showing how to operate certain items in your home that you may only need to know in a emergency. For example, the location of your main water shut off valve, and the location of your breaker box. The inspector will show you what breaker controls every area in your home. They will also know if the electrical was installed according to code. They will show you the shut off valve for your toilet, how to change your furnace filter and what size to buy. They will show you the smoke detectors and how to change the batteries. They will show you the location of your well, septic system, and fuel storage tanks, along with thoroughly inspecting your home inside and out. So clear your calendar, turn off your cell phone, and learn about your new home.


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