Patriotism and birthdays — a great holiday

July 4, 2014

“Mind the music and the step and with the girls be handy,” Yankee Doodle

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is a holiday that I really like since it celebrates two of my favorite things — America and birthdays! Does it get any better than those two things? Does it get any more Laura Bush? Nope!

Today is more than a day off and fireworks, it is day to wear that red, white and blue and be proud. I may not like the direction our country is going in some areas, but I still love my country. I still love being an American. I still love all things U-S-A. Well not all things, saying ‘Merica bugs the crap out of me and I find it a tad offensive. So other than showing pride by using that word, I love all the patriotism alive and kicking today.

But will you have that pride tomorrow?

I admit that I do get annoyed at the people that are only patriotic certain calendar days of the year, as if they need a reminder to be a proud American. That is great you are thanking the troops today, but how about thanking them every day? How about not needing a calendar to remind you that the country you call home is having a birthday. How about just waking up every day and saying thank you? You should try it.

So when I get annoyed by those people that seem to be patriotic only when it involves a day off, I think what would Laura Bush do? She would let it go, and so do I. Who am I to say when someone can and can’t be patriotic? I am nobody, just a proud American. I am thankful that patriotism still exists in today’s world whether it is 365 days a year or just one day.

So go out there today and fly those glorious colors, rock that patriotic t-shirt, eat your barbecue, thank the troops, and just have one great birthday celebration for our country. America!  

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