Does Gazette need a conservative columnist?

July 8, 2014

Mr. Robert Kuehnl said (Gazette, July 1-3) that the Cape Gazette needed a conservative columnist because “one-sided” Don Flood had implied that Republicans/conservatives are bad. Kuehnl also listed over a dozen national/international issues that he said Flood never talked about, but I know they are being used by one political party to make the other look bad. However, I would expect that national/international issues would be mostly beyond the scope of a local paper like the Gazette.

My perception of Gazette viewpoints, letters, and Don Flood’s contributions is that they represent a wide spectrum of opinion, analysis and interests. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree, sometimes it doesn’t matter to me.

Although I do not read all the viewpoints, articles, and letters in every issue of the Gazette, I do remember that many writers were advocating for ideas and positions that came from all over the whole political spectrum and that the overall content was not “one-sided.”

Every mainstream and respectable newspaper I have ever read in my life, from the big city to the small town, very often gave space in their pages for comments or objections from readers, and regardless of their political orientation. If Mr. Kuehnl is unhappy with what he reads in the Gazette, perhaps he will send additional rebutal letters to the editor. If Mr. Kuehnl just wants to hear only his kind of favorite “one-sided” treatment of certain issues, then perhaps he should look for more of what he wants from, for example, Fox News or NewsMax. Otherwise, I will trust the editor to decide what kind of columnists are needed for the Gazette.

Arthur E. Sowers

Editor’s note: Don Flood is on vacation this week. His Politics column will reappear in the Tuesday, July 15 edition.

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