What a Deal!

July 8, 2014

Last Spring I received a free packet of Scarlet Globe Radish seeds with a message on one side inviting me to the Historic Lewes Farmers Market. I planted those radish seeds in my backyard garden.  In the meanwhile I have been going to the market every Saturday morning.  Each week the produce at the market is more remarkable than the last. Each week I find something new to try like Fava Beans or Candlestick Radishes. Each week I find old favorites I've been waiting for all year like corn on the cob or fresh-picked blueberries.

Now to those Scarlet Globe Radishes in my backyard garden--they've been adding color and bite to daily salads and the radish greens add nutrients to soups, sauces and sautes. Not only has the flavor been exceptional, but so has the size. Yesterday I picked a radish that was the size of an apple. That's what I call a real deal!

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