Huge thanks to Lewes from Ted's folks

July 12, 2014

We want to express a huge thank you to all of the people of Lewes who gave support, help, and kindness in our search for Ted, our 2-year-old black and white sheltie.  We were on the beach Monday evening when someone set off large fireworks, which sent Ted into a frenzy.  Even though he was on his leash, the loud noises scared him so much that he bolted free, running frantically down the beach.  There were many people trying to stop him, but because of his fear, he kept running.

We spent the evening walking the beach and streets, calling his name.  We notified the local police department and they were caring and supportive, helping to look for him.  We had many people helping in the search, but we finally had to stop the search at 3 a.m.   We resumed our search at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  Again, we were met by many people that gave us support, comfort and assistance in searching for Ted.

The kindness of everyone that we met helped encourage us to keep looking.

We found Ted in a marshy area, neck deep into the muck, which was why he was unable to get himself free.  Once freed, he was as excited and happy to see us as we were to see him.

Until this point, we considered our beach house just a house.  Now, because of the kindness of so many people in Lewes, we do not have a beach house, we have a beach home and we now feel that we are part of a caring community.

Thank you again,
Bob, Joy, Ashley Thomas and
a special thanks from Ted

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