Support pop culture-themed Advent calendars on Kickstarter

July 10, 2014
Matthew Fox’s first advent calendar, based on Majora’s Mask, consists of an 8x12 wood board with an etched carving of Termina, the world where the game takes place, and 24 ‘mask tokens.’

Matthew Fox of Culture Cal has launched a Kickstarter campaign for handcrafted pop culture-themed Advent calendars.

His first Advent calendar, based on Majora's Mask, consists of an 8x12 wood board with an etched carving of Termina, the world where the game takes place, and 24 'mask tokens.' The map has been recreated as a Tolkien-esque fantasy map, and the tokens are artistic recreations lacquered on wooden coins.

There are 24 small hooks secured in the map, and for each day of the Advent season, owners add a token of their choice to the map. At the end of the holiday season, all tokens are displayed proudly on a board that fits comfortably on any number of household or business surfaces.

"I never expected a pet project such as this to grow into anything more than a fun personal calendar perched on my desk," says Matt Fox, founder of Culture Cal. "But the encouragement and enthusiasm of those closest to me has provided the intrinsic encouragement needed to approach the kind folks of Kickstarter to help spread this love of pop culture nationwide."

Culture Cal plans to create more advent calendars in the future with themes including BioShock, Dr. Who, Batman, Pokemon, and more. These calendars will make great gifts for the pop-culture lovers in your life. The project must be funded by July 24, so don't hesitate if you want to see these beautiful calendars come to life.

To back this project, go to the Kickstarter page at

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