Hypnotherapist creates stress-relieving dough

Aroma therapy, sensory stimulation promote comfort
July 24, 2014

Pinch Me therapy dough creator Nancy Rothner is a local hypnotherapist who says using her therapy dough is a feel-good, healthy habit.

Rothner's moldable, clay-like putty was the product of nearly three years of trial and error, she said, during which she tested different recipes and products to develop a scented dough to relieve stress through aromatherapy and sensory stimulation.

Pinch Me therapy dough comes in six colors and scents, from nature-inspired scents and colors such as Earth and Ocean to a putty called For Men, a dough inspired by woodsy, forest-like colors and fragrance.

"It just kind of puts you in a nice, feel-good place very quickly," Rothner said. "It is kind of fun, light, soothing and comforting."

The therapy dough is Rothner's own secret recipe, made with wheat and spa-quality aromatics and colors.Pinch Me therapy dough is available in 6-ounce plastic jars, online only.

The texture is more play-dough than silly putty, and spa-quality oils leave a lasting, but unintrusive aroma on hands even after the putty has been put away.

"I've literally gone through thousands of batches to get it to what I believe is the right level," she said.

During the development of her dough, Rothner said, her family has been her testers and guinea pigs, providing unfiltered feedback.

"I've found in our family, everyone has a different way of playing with it," she said, "and I've found that when I'm stressed, it helped take the edge off."

Therapy dough is not a replacement for professional psychological treatment, Rothner said, but the combination of the malleable touch and nature-based smells can pack a mood-boosting, stress-busting punch.

Rothner said she has partnered with, an organization that helps veterans and soldiers develop stress-management techniques.

For every container of Pinch Me therapy dough Rothner sells, she said the organization will provide a half-day of stress management training for soldiers suffering post traumatic stress disorder and other stress-related conditions.

Available online at, Rothner said the dough starts at $19.99 but every additional jar in the same order is discounted $3.

For more information, visit or call 800-331-5785.