World Cup Final, Germany v Argentina!!! Where you going to be?

Purple Parrot Grill Beach Haus & Biergarten
- Private group -
July 12, 2014

Well if it's not the Purple Parrot Beach Haus & Biergarten, you will be losing out. Everyone will be at the only German (& Argentinian) Restaurant & Bar around. No place else has had the energy or authenticity of food or drink specials, like the Purple Parrot has had and continues to have during this World Cup. The place is set up perfectly for such events, and it doesn't hurt that besides the USA, the Parrot is the biggest supporter of the German team. So what better place to watch it. Whether you cheer on Germany or cheer on Argentina, you won't have a better time anywhere. It is always more fun to have both supporters in the house so the festive atmosphere stays alive.The Purple Parrot Grill Beach Haus & Biergarten has been jumpin a bit more these days, due to the great play from the German team. Always a great place to watch any sport you may like, but the energy level is pumped up to another level. Germany has made it to the Finals in the World Cup, and the Parrot with it's German themed Biergarten and authentic Bavarian food and biers is the not just the perfect place to watch it, but the only place to watch it.You can not get any closer to feeling like you are there without actually going there. So why not cheer on Germany (or whomever makes it through today), on Sunday in the Biergarten or in the Beach Haus. There will be great food and drink specials as well as free giveaways throughout the game.You don't have to be from, or for Germany (although it helps as most are cheering as if in Oktoberfest), but they have a good share of the Argentinian fans as evident by the turnout for the game with Netherlands yesterday. The Parrot will have an expanded German menu for the game, as well as all their traditional Bavarian specialties, such as schweinehaxe (slow roasted pork shank w/ German potatoes & dark bier gravy, schweine schnitzel w/ fries, bratwurst & kraut, weiners & German potatoes, sauerbraten, German goulash and many many more.... The Argentine fan won't be disappointed with their menu either, w/ grilled carne asada w/ chimichurri sauce, home-made chicken empanadas, Locro (navy bean & corn soup), milanesa (Argentine breaded fried steak), Costillas de Cerdo a la Riojana (pork rib plate w/ fried egg, an Argentinian specialty). So don't just come hungry for a win, come HUNGRY. Nobody does traditional dishes like the Parrot. Specialty drinks to accompany will be offered as well.The Parrot does not take reservations, so we suggest that you come early for a great seat. The place has been the hot ticket for the World Cup and this will certainly be the hot ticket come game time.  Game time is 3pm but will certainly be full well before then.Prost Germany....