We need more traffic control on Gills Neck Road

July 20, 2014

Attention to all drivers on Gills Neck Road; this road is not a continuation of Dover Downs or the Delmar Speedway.

The speed limit ranges from 25 mph to 35 mph from Kings Highway all the way to Savannah Road and it is divided by double solid yellow lines (no passing). The speed limit is not 40 mph, 45 mph, or 50 mph, and most definitely not 55 mph! The speed limit signs are properly posted along the road.

This is a major cycling area, and is in fact the primary route to downtown Lewes from the neighborhoods along the road. Unfortunately ,until the bike path is extended, riders need to ride on the twisting, winding part of Gills Neck Road

There has been a significant amount of building along the road with more to come. The speed limits are fair and appropriate. There is no reason for the drivers on this road to break those speed limits. Unfortunately most of the violators live in the large communities along the road: The Senators, Breakwater, Hawkseye, Wolfe Point and Wolfe Runne.

Does a few seconds make that much difference to anyone? For example, to the driver of the black Mercedes SUV who crossed the double yellow lines to pass me in a 25mph zone and then had to slam on the brakes to avoid a couple of cyclists on the next curve - were the few seconds you gained to get to Wolfe Runne really worth it?

I will continue to do my part by obeying the limits and calling the state police on a regular basis. I hope you will do your part by obeying the speed limits. Slow down and avoid a possible serious injury or death!!

Dennis Crawford

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