You really want an RV City?

July 23, 2014

Independence Day (Fourth of July) is over. I understand that there was a “bit” more traffic on the roads.

But it's summer at the beach.. and every weekend... almost every day... there is an influx of cars and more cars on our roads.

I tried to go to a store on Route 1. Travelling north wasn't too bad, luckily; but the traffic heading south was bumper to bumper from beyond the Nassau bridge, to and past the Rehoboth Beach entry road.

I've heard it said - we need better roads - better traffic lights, etc. Do you really think making the roads wider will help what is going on now? No, it will just bring more traffic in. I live off Robinsonville Road. There are already three sold plots of land for development near Webbs Landing Road. This alone is going to have horrendous traffic on Robinsonville Road. RV traffic will find Robinsonville Road to get to the proposed campsite.

Oh wait -  they will only come from the north as was said at an RV meeting months ago. Really? No, they will come from Maryland, Washington, Virginia, and yes, from northern Delaware, Jersey and Pennsylvania.

RV City will bring traffic over all of the back roads. If the locals can find them, so can the tourists and RVers! It is the worst plan I have ever heard of to put this right in the middle of developments already here; planned developments; and those on the books that you don't even know about.

It's not just the roads. I know there are so many reasons for not having RV City, and they have been cited in previous letters with great reasons. I believe in progress to an extent, but it's overkill now. Greed for land and the money involved is taking over; but we must preserve what we now have.

I cannot imagine all of the potential RV and campers that will traveling our back roads to get to this site which, in fact, is not feasible.

I hope Sussex County Council will consider the cons to this proposed RV City and the effect it will have on the future of those living here now.

Elizabeth Becker

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