Where was Tom McGlone?

July 17, 2014

I deeply resent a political flyer I received in the mail that is so full of misinformation the author should be ashamed.

For the mayoral candidate Tom McGlone to come along long after the fact and try to derail the almost 10-year effort and research made for the mandated state requirement that the City of Rehoboth Beach's wastewater be taken out of the canal is destructive and actually harmful.

Spray irrigation has its place. However, facts need to be considered: Where are the hundreds of acres of farmland needed? Miles of piping will be needed to get the wastewater to a designated site. Will the site have the combination of fields for crops and wooded land? Spray irrigation cannot take place when fields are not producing crops. Crops are the needed filters as land is sprayed. There is also the question of a needed site for sludge disposal.

Because the issue was important I and many others attended the public meetings. We were kept fully informed. Where was Mr. McGlone for all these years?

Consider that after careful research, the decision for ocean outfall was made based on many factors: the safe operation of outfalls for years; the city will maintain the high level of treatment now used; piping represents the shortest on-land distance; the ocean outfall is 6,000 feet out and 40 feet deep, where wave action will safely disperse the wastewater; the citizens of Rehoboth Beach will be able to afford the cost; and Rehoboth Beach maintains control of its water and sewer system.

To come along at this late date is paralysis by analysis.

Mable Granke
Rehoboth Beach

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