The “Big Eye-495” and another lie

July 23, 2014

We live in a world of the Big Eye watching our every move. Each time I am in the bank, I see the Big Eye positioned on me as I stand in front of the teller. I see the Big Eye camera taking my photo as I approach a toll booth which enables those watching to know my every move and location. As I stand on a street corner and gaze to look up at the beautiful blue sky, it is the Big Eye camera photographing all the people below. Now the Big Eye has expanded to drones spying on American citizens and the NSA listening to our phone calls.

In this age, how is it possible 55,000 tons of dirt mysteriously appears at the base of the I-495 bridge, and no one knows how it got there? Maybe we should look at the film from the Big Eye cameras positioned on the I-495 highway and bridge itself? Wouldn’t this be the obvious starting point, yet I haven’t heard anyone even mention it. You can see from this listing there are seven cameras on the I-495 strip, so it would be natural to assume that at least one surveillance camera would be surveying the bridge base strictly for security purposes (

Could it be those in authority, who take an oath to uphold our state constitution, had dirt hauled in to create a contrived emergency? Alexandra Coppadge, spokeswoman for Wilmington Mayor Williams, stated "Currently, the primary focus is the emergency situation, and, once that's rectified, we can assess who is the responsible party.” This statement sounds all too familiar for every crisis our nation is experiencing. How can we expect a fair investigation in Delaware, knowing it is the fourth most corrupt state in the nation, and that things continue to be handled by the current administration in “The Delaware Way?”

Let us look to the current national political trend of handling crisis in our nation. The current administration quickly spends millions or billions of dollars to put a band-aid on situations. When the investigation comes, there are lies during testimony. Another emergency occurs before the last one was resolved, and the investigation falls under a massive pile of dirt and gets lost (Benghazzi, NSA, IRS, and Immigration).

The I-495 area is not unfamiliar to engineering problems. “Built in 1974. . .the most recent of Delaware's three Interstate Highways, I-495 was rebuilt in the mid-1990s when the concrete surface, failed prematurely and had to be totally replaced in sections, resulting in one-lane operations for nearly four years.

"The I-495 route runs between the Christina River to the north and a landfill to the south . . . turning to the northeast, I-495 crosses over the Christina River into the eastern part of Wilmington and passes near another landfill as it comes to the Twelfth Street exit. The road runs through some marshland before coming to an interchange in Edgemoor” (

According to Wikipedia, “The ground beneath the bridge consists of approximately 100 feet of soft organic clay above a layer of dense sand, then a layer of stiff silty clay which sits atop bedrock; piles anchoring the bridge penetrate into the stiff silty clay but do not reach bedrock” ( ). Sources have said the I-495 bridge is irreparable because it is built on shifting sand, and now the weight of the mysterious 55,000 tons of dirt may have damaged it beyond repair.

Thursday, July 17, the President came to Delaware to address our state and the nation. As scripted from his teleprompter, he will tout the I-495 vridge as an endorsement for his $302 billion transportation funding package for the country. Just one more financial assault inflicted upon us by those seeking to break our Republic. The above facts will not be mentioned; there will be no talk of surveillance film and the president will try to justify the urgency for the $302 billion, or just sign an Executive Order for the funding.

The tie between the President and Gov. Markell is a much entangled one, along with the Delaware/Biden VP connection. The truth is, the current state administration has been bought and in the sale Delaware has been given over to the federal government. Delaware is being used as a plundering ground for the radical transformation that many in authority are assaulting upon our nation. Delaware has become the new “Big Easy” for those in power.

Think this is farfetched . . . think again? In an age of the Big Eye knowing our every move and location, who needs an investigation to know where the dirt came from . . . Really, Delaware? Wake up before you have nothing to wake up for.

Kimberly Whaley Mascheri
Joy Whaley Hill
Two sisters from Sussex

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