House candidate withdraws from race

July 18, 2014

As I awake every day I give thanks for the ability to live in such a wonderful area. The people are nice, the beach and other natural areas are wonderful, and dining options are various. The people are very supportive of local business and have a keen eye for quality. As with every citizen I have concerns with society that I feel should be addressed. Issues that I feel if are taken up will lead to more prosperous and enlightened society.

Senate Bill 19 was passed by the Senate and sent to the House some time ago. It was a good piece of legislation that addressed the cost and prospective immorality of state carried out executions. Many other states and countries in Europe have adapted such policies. The appeals process can often times be traumatizing for victim’s families that have to relive the horror of their loved one’s death.

Inmates can also have the ability to redeem themselves through books or other outreach to prevent youths from walking down the same path. Botched executions and the relative hardship of obtaining the lethal injection solution are recent examples of the complications associated with the death penalty.

The success of Colorado, recent addition of Washington to the realm of legalized marijuana, and the numerous other states that have passed medical marijuana laws are all clear indications where this debate is going. Inside Colorado one will find economic prosperity that goes beyond expectations. Dispenseries that double as farm and store, assessories shops, culinary oriented businesses have created jobs and another whole industry to provide state revenue.

In Delaware medical marijuana will have its first compassion center open soon and recently with the advent of HB 371 decriminalization may become a reality as well. For the east coast, as I see it, there is going to be a race to be the first to push for full legalization. That state with the large population centers surrounding it would more than likely have more success than Colorado.

My recent entry into politics was emotionally tied to these issues, and I realize that the Democrat Party of Delaware is going to be the only avenue for these policies to become reality. However, my candidacy would become a distraction, waste resources, and ultimately hurt the very causes I intended to advocate. House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf reached out and helped me realize this. With this action he showed great compassion for the youthful ideas of the party. His advice is sound and I intend to follow it.

It is my desire to still gather people who are like minded inside of the party to advocate for legalization. In the meantime I will remove myself from this election and advocate for other Democrats in the state. This is the best way to seek a more prosperous and enlightened society.

Nelson E. Warren
Rehoboth Beach

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