Covering all the bases

July 17, 2014

So who would have thought I would be talking about professional basketball in the middle of July? I'm a big fan of Lebron James' choice to go back to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Although this was a great move by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they have only signed James for a two-year deal. This does not do a whole lot in answering any of the long term questions for that organization. This move for Lebron is a real boost for Cleveland as a sports city because it hasn't won a professional sports championship since 1964!

Congratulations to Germany for winning its fourth World Cup championship. Throughout the entire tournament, they were the most consistent team out there. They won an exciting final game against Argentina on a late goal in overtime by Mario Götze. It's a good thing that penalty kicks were not the deciding factor in the final because that takes away from the game itself. Maybe a restructure is needed to make the game more exciting in overtime. How about doing it like hockey does during the regular season? One player from each team comes off the ice. I know this will never happen but it's just an idea that I think could improve the sport of soccer.

This week in golf, the British Open is being played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club for the first time since 2006, when Tiger Woods won there. The focus is, of course, too much about Tiger but I think he has a 50-50 chance of doing well because this is his first major championship of the year. It will certainly be a challenge to his renewed back with the narrow fairways and the abundance of rough. The coverage is on ESPN all four days and there will be plenty of good golfers to watch besides Tiger.

The Major League Baseball All-Star game this week was Derek Jeter's final all-star appearance. He led off the game with a double and that's where all the controversy immediately started. The National League's starting pitcher Adam Wainwright had stated he threw Jeter a couple of pitches "he could handle." Social media had a field-day with these comments, which ultimately took away from the game itself. The final score was 5-3, with the American League winning, giving it home field advantage for the World Series. None of this will have any effect on the Phillies because they are last in their division and 10 games back from first place. It's hard to be a loyal Phillies fan this year!

  • A 2002 Cape grad and 2007 UD grad, Lewes resident Sumner Spence is one of the Cape area's biggest sports fans. Wheelchair-bound his entire life, he has lived vicariously through his sports-playing father, brother, and friends, who gave him his love of sports. He hopes to provide new and interesting perspectives on the sports stories and issues of the day. Email Sumner at