New Nassau area trail is a real asset

August 2, 2014

I would like to thank representatives Pete Schwartzkopf and Steve Smyk, Sen. Ernie Lopez, the Department of Transportation, the Delaware State Police, the Department of Correction and Sussex’s VOP Center inmates, the Cape Gazette and Layton’s Lawn Enforcement for all their help in getting a rough trail to be considered and then cut beside and under the Nassau Bridge.

This six-tenths of a mile trail was requested by me and other cyclists and walkers who were experiencing problems trying to cross busy Route One on just the north side of the Nassau Bridge (across from the old Nassau Orchard Market).

Since the rough trail was cut a few weeks before the Memorial Day weekend I have spent considerable time on the trail cutting, spraying and cleaning up debris from the trail. Therefore it is now possible to ride (off road bikes) and walk the entire distance of the trail from Minos Conaway Road to Nassau Road (and vice versa) without having to cross busy and dangerous Route One.  A few people have noticed and/or found the trail and are using it, but I think most people still are not aware of it so I invite all cyclists, hikers and walkers to check it out and come out and use it.

Some who have discovered the trail and have used the trail have described it as wonderful and amazing alternative to using busy Route One, and I agree. I ride into Lewes from Edgewater Estates (Red Mill Pond Area) five to six times a week and I can tell you I have used this new trail exclusively since Memorial Day without crossing Route One.  Thanks again to all who made this happen and please come out and join the few who are now using it. Anyone interested in helping with the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the trial please call me at 645-7149.

Ray Quillen


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