Please reject music festival venue

July 24, 2014

The following letter was sent to Sussex County Council and Planning & Zoning Commission, with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette.

I request you consider the following before making any decision for Mr. Pires' application for a music festival.

The road network here, down to the roadbeds themselves, simply can not handle the traffic, especially an influx of heavy vehicles such as RVs, campers, etc.

The number of vehicles must be counted three, four or more times. After arrival the participants will, of course, run out of food, ice, cigarettes, gas, etc and have to go out to replenish. This adds to the already immense traffic problem.

The zoning board was shown pictures of the Firefly event where a multi-lane major route was backed up for miles. Major high volume roads in Dover and vicinity had to be closed to accommodate Firefly traffic.

We have children here who need to access bus stops for summer school etc. The school buses will never be able to get out here. We have people here dependent on DART Transport. DART buses will never be able to get here. We have older residents who may require am ambulance or emergency services - those vehicles will never get here in a timely manner if at all.

Tent camping is proposed 150 feet from my back door. I will not tolerate a bunch of drunken, drug addled rowdies partying all night. That will happen; that's why they are coming here.

In the wooded grove, mulch lays at least one foot deep from leaves falling for decades. That is a tinderbox. If/when a fire is started there are not enough tanker trucks in both Sussex and Kent counties to put it out. However that is moot as they won't be able to get here - nothing will stop the fire from jumping the road and burning down all of our houses. Lives as well as property are at stake.

The last two points i ask you to consider are:

• On Mr. Pires' application everything was fairly vague and open ended. This I contend was by intent - so after approval Mr. Pires, being the able attorney he is, will exploit these loopholes.

2. Also on the application it was noted that fundraising events - what kind of fund raising and for whom?

Lastly it was listed "festivals. How is that defined - naked wiccans dancing in the moonlight? Human sacrifice? What is a festival exactly?

This entire venue is a catastrophe waiting to happen. I urge you to reject it entirely. Let Mr. Pires take it to Harrington - they have the infrastructure etc. Held here, it endangers our water supply (wells). It will destroy our property values. Also Mr. Baker's land is taxed as a farm. If this venue comes it should be taxed as a business.

Finally i ask you not to be impressed by numbers at the meeting for Mr. P ires. At the zoning meeting he bussed people in - many were his employees - many more were the sweepings of his saloons -given $1 drinks and free food to take a bus ride to Georgetown and sit in the zoning meeting. I would further submit that many were tourists patronizing Mr. Pires' bars and were not even Delaware residents and have probably returned home bu now. In another state.

Please reject this proposal.

Mike Falkenstein

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