Sussex council candidate outlines platform

July 25, 2014

There are many issues that come before Sussex County Council. I am a candidate for the Fifth Council District because I have ideas, energy, and a sense of commitment to our wide-ranging district. My focus for the campaign is to “Preserve the Past, Plan for the Future.”

Economic development is one of the big issues. We have four core industries here in Sussex County: Agriculture, Tourism, Real Estate Services and Construction, and various government entities. We need more manufacturing and employment opportunities from the private sector along with better education.

Tourism: We are bounded by one of the world’s busiest waterways, The Delaware Bay and River. Recently two state representatives and David Small, our new DNREC director, spoke publicly about building up the benefits of our natural beauties while keeping our air and waters clean.

The possibilities are endless for encouraging biking on our country roads, kayaking on the Nanticoke River or the Inland Bays. The Bed & Breakfast Biking Tours, so popular in the 1990s, can make a comeback. Birding tours should abound since we’re located on a major migration path in the Mid-Atlantic. These are just a few sampling of ideas yet there are many.

Agriculture: The factor that generates success in our agribusiness is the easy access to the highway network; we are less than five hours away from the New York, Newark markets; two hours to Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington markets. We should celebrate our farmers, their hard work and getting goods to market. There’s a saying that the essence (perfume) of Sussex County is manure. Let’s remember that’s a good thing. Now that technology takes care of pelletizing chicken manure thus keeping the groundwater clean, we can take in the aroma in the spring without worrying.

Real Estate Services and Construction: Everyone wants to move to the beach, but remember all of the fine small communities in western and central Sussex. These towns are safe, healthy places to raise a family and, as soon as we encourage more companies like Pats at the Georgetown Airport, plus other manufacturers to set up shop here, we’ll have jobs for your kids so they don’t have to leave the peninsula. Jobs equal homes equal construction equal real estate equal schools equal business. You could say bobs to the fifth power (J-5).

Education: We need to improve our schools and grow the university presence in Sussex County. University of Delaware should open full four-year bachelor of arts and science programs in Georgetown. In our elementary and secondary schools, discipline, the work ethic and classic learning must return. More parent involvement is a must.

These are just a few of my themes. Vote for me for the Fifth Council District, and you will see my principled approach to working on these issues among many others.

Rob Arlett
Fifth Councilmatic District

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