Friendship-based voting for mayor?

July 25, 2014

With only three weeks to go until the city election in Rehoboth Beach I continue to walk the streets of Rehoboth Beach knocking on the doors of the city’s voters. I feel that this is great way for me to meet my neighbors, many of whom are new to our city. The ability to take a personal approach is one of the great things about living in a small town. In today’s Rehoboth Beach, many would not recognize our current mayor. This makes no sense to me. When I am elected mayor, I will be visible and active in our community.

This door knocking leads me to an experience that I would like to share. Monday night when I was knocking on doors in South Rehoboth I met a lovely woman whose family has owned a house in Rehoboth Beach since the 1920s. As we spoke about the upcoming election she shared with me that she would be voting for Mayor Cooper. She said that she would be doing this as she knew him, her parents knew him, and that he was a friend.

I love the relationships that I have built in Rehoboth Beach. She went on further to tell me that she was very impressed by me and was completely on board with my vision as illustrated by my platform:

• Term limits for mayor and commissioners

• No ocean outfall

• Reevaluation of $17 million McMansion City Hall project

• Installation and repair of city sidewalks for pedestrian safety utilizing community input.

However, she just could not vote for me because of her longterm relationship with Mayor Cooper.

This leads me to ask an important question. Should a voter vote for the current mayor just because they have a longterm friendship, or should a voter focus on the best candidate for the City of Rehoboth Beach? I say that all friendships should be cherished; however, voters should vote for the candidate who offers a real plan for the City of Rehoboth Beach.

I would not select a nonqualified surgeon just because of a friendship. I would want the best surgeon. I have a plan for Rehoboth Beach that balances the need for a future vision with the charm and history of our great little town.

Today, I ask voters to evaluate your vote. Are you voting for Sam Cooper as an old time friend or are you voting for him because of his vision for the city? Does our current mayor have a plan or is he just making it up as he goes along?

Thomas McGlone
candidate for Mayor of Rehoboth Beach

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