McGlone has land-based viable option

July 25, 2014

The July 22 Cape Gazette Editorial called for Governor Markell to "set course for Rehoboth outfall" given that current Rehoboth Mayor Sam Cooper 's solution to solve Rehoboth's wastewater problem has been waiting for 17 months for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to accept the mayor's statement so that they can proceed with what is clearly an inadequate and destructive solution to address the problem.

Rehoboth mayoral candidate Tom McGlone has clearly done his research and identified a more environmentally considerate solution. McGlone, when elected mayor of Rehoboth will accelerate action on this issue, work with Governor Markell's office, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control, along with the many groups and individuals who are demanding land-based solutions to wastewater issues. McGlone is known for his inclusiveness, his transparency, his fiscal responsibility and his vision.

The fact that Mayor Cooper has delivered a 1960s solution to a major waste water problem, which has gone nowhere for 17 months raises real questions as to Mayor Cooper's vision...or lack thereof.. for Rehoboth citizens and his blatant lack of fiscal responsibility in spending taxpayer's dollars on a supposed waste water solution that was dead in the water (this is 2014, after all) just because there was money in the bank. This calls for a complete re-think as to whether Mayor Cooper is positioned to do the best for Rehoboth citizens and the thousands of annual visitors in the role of mayor.

Rehoboth needs new, contemporary leadership that espouses vision, transparency, inclusiveness and complete fiscal responsibility...all attributes we find in Tom McGlone. It is time for Sam Cooper to move on after many years of great service. It is time to vote for Tom McGlone as Mayor of Rehoboth.

Phil Suchanek
Rehoboth Beach

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