Fun Fit Vibe is where the FUN is - Delaware State Fair - NOW. Come to the air conditioned Exhibit Hall booth #4 & experience the healthy fun we have every day in Lewes & Millville!!!

- Private group -
July 24, 2014

Fun Fit Vibe is a solution to the Health Care & Fitness Crisis in Delaware as described in the Gallop Healthways reports…the take away with being the number one least exercised state is that public health care costs due to diabetes, heart disease & certain cancers will skyrocket. How do you assure this does not happen to you? As Dr. Ben Carson said on Maryland Public Television - we would not need doctors if we exercised & ate a healthy diet…That is Fun Fit Vibe - offering Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition!

Come see for yourself why over 240 scientific studies prove Power Plate training works, how Fun Fit Vibe's coaching protocols work every day & all you have to do is show up to take advantage of the easiest way to stimulate your muscles, circulation, hormonal & lymphatic systems.

If it is not FUN we don't want anything to do with it. While we are having FUN fitness sneaks up on YOU. You catch a healthy VIBE hanging out with some of the healthiest people on Delmarva.

Check us out at the fair, call 302-249-8000 or visit

we will both be glad you did!!!

Thanks for your dedication to health & wellness, & your continued support, for "if it is to be it is up to me"!!!