Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack arrives in Cape Region

Obstetrician joins practice in the community where she grew up
August 14, 2014
Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack hails from the Cape Region and has returned to practice as an OB-GYN at Bayside Health Association. BY MOLLY MACMILLAN

Cape native Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack has returned to the region to begin her practice as an obstetrician and gynecologist at Bayside Health Association.

A 2004 graduate of the University of Delaware, Caswell-Monack double-majored in biology and women's studies and said she can't remember a time when she didn't want to become an obstetrician.

"I really liked the idea of working with other women and helping them to learn about themselves and take care of themselves," Caswell-Monack said. "I've had a lot of really good role models, and it's really meaningful and rewarding to empower other women."

Now that her schooling, internships and a residency in Pennsylvania is over, Caswell-Monack is a doctor of osteopathic medicine or DO, a degree that shares equivalent rights, privileges and responsibilities as physicians who are medical doctors, but with additional training in a distinct, holistic approach to patient care.

Although she is licensed to practice the full scope of medicine in all 50 states and 65 countries, Caswell-Monack said she never dreamed of going anywhere else to begin her practice.

"I always wanted to move home," Caswell-Monack said. "I think the small-town part of this area is what I've been waiting to come back to."

Before she attended high school at St. Andrew's in Middletown, Caswell-Monack said her medical career got its start at Beebe Healthcare, where she and her twin sister, Annie Caswell, spend summers working as candystripers.

The daughter of Harry Caswell, a plumbing and mechanical contractor in Millsboro, Caswell-Monack said she's not sure how she and her twin sister got their minds for medicine, but these days Annie is a family nurse practitioner at LaRed Health Center in Georgetown and Caswell-Monack is accepting patients on Savannah Road.

The young obstetrician is married to Dr. Brian Caswell-Monack, a Newark native she met during undergraduate school at the University of Delaware. Married just before they both attended medical school at Lake Erie College College of Osteopathic Medicine, Caswell-Monack said she was glad to have a partner to share the experience, for better or for worse.

"It was a good journey together," Caswell-Monack said. "You get to know a lot about a person when they are exhausted and stressed-out."

Her husband is now a family doctor at Mid-Atlantic Family Practice, she said, and they have returned to Delaware to raise their young son.

After all the rigors of academia, Caswell-Monack said she's been looking forward to starting her practice in the community where she grew up.

"Of course in school you learn a lot from books, but real life is so much different and so much more exciting and terrifying and rewarding," Caswell-Monack said. "When things are good as an OB-GYN, it's like the best time in someone's life."

Caswell-Monack is now practicing at Bayside Health Association. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 302-645-4700.