Northbeach 5K is fast race, features endurance hall of famers

Three runners complete 100 races in the series
July 31, 2014

A fast field of 366 came out on a muggy morning July 26 for the Northbeach 5K, the 100th race in the summer Ten Sisters racing series dating back to the 2003 season.

The young and relentless J-Dogg racing trio of Jules Woodall, Jerry Denny and Jerry McNesby were inducted into the Ten Sisters Hall of Fame for running all 100 races.

"I should receive a bigger plaque because it took me more total time to complete those races,” McNesby joked.

Woodall actually ran a race last Aug. 4 then jumped in his car to catch the arrival of grandson Dylan, who joined grandson Nate, 2, in the Woodall family lineup.

The fleet-of-foot leaderboard saw five men finish in under 18 minutes with Collin Frost leading the pack in 16:06 followed by Tom Pariapiano, 16:33; Jack Morrow, 16:57; Enos Benbow, 17:14; and Logan Dunn, 17:49.

The women’s leaderboard with five women under 21 minutes was led by Leeann Pulchny in 19:14; Lisa Jelot, 20:21; Meghan Rowles, 20:24; Caitlin Murphy, 20:50; and Agnes Szili-Horvath, 20:55.

A complete listing of race results can be found at

The race was also College Day with Penn State being the most prominent T-shirt. There were runners from New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Oklahoma, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and Alabama.

The popular Pump and Run series, where time is deducted based on the number of times you can bench your weight, saw Carole Feole, 56, with 60 reps for minus 15 minutes, making her 5K time 7:33.

The male winner was Mark Brainard, 56, with 75 reps, a deduction of 18:45 for a 5K of 6:24.

Sunday, Aug. 3 is the 12th annual Highway One group Five and Dime 5K/10K to benefit the Dewey Beach Patrol. Registration at the Rusty Rudder begins at 7 a.m.