Women's Traditional Dance featured at 37th Annual Powwow Sept. 6 and 7

The Women's Traditional dancers with their eagle feather fans line up at the 2013 Nanticoke Indian Association Powwow. SOURCE SUBMITTED
August 7, 2014

One of the dances visitors will observe at the Nanticoke Indian Association's 37th Annual Powwow Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 6 and 7, is the Women's Traditional Dance. Traditional Women dancers are looked on with reverence as the elegant presence at a powwow.

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Traditional is a dance that exemplifies dignity, grace and modesty. The women can move in several ways. Some move in a bounce style, originated by the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota of the North. Some Traditional Women dancers zigzag or sidestep in a circle around the arena, always with a bounce movement. The dress is usually elegant yet simple; the women always carry an eagle feather fan which they raise in the air from time to time as the songs indicate, with an honor beat to show respect and honor for the men and the drum. The women wear a shawl that is kept close to them, often with very intricate beadwork in patterns that reflect the tribe and family, and they carry an awl and knife on their belt. Their feet never rise above the ground.

The powwow grounds are located in the middle of a naturally beautiful wooded area off Route 24, John J. Williams Highway. Powwow signs will be posted along Route 24 between routes 113 and 1 (beach areas). Powwow grounds open at 10 a.m., and Grand Entry on Saturday will be at noon, with the second dance session at 4 p.m. Sunday morning begins with a Worship Service at 10 a.m.; Grand Entry on Sunday starts at 1 p.m. The 40 Native American crafts and food vendors open at 10 a.m. on Saturday and noon on Sunday. All-day parking including admission is $10 per car; walk-in admission is $3 for adults and $3 for children, $5 for motorcycles, $25 for buses, plus $3 for each person on the bus. Drivers will have to collect individual fees.

Attendees who are wheelchair users or have motorized wheelchairs will enter the powwow grounds on Mount Joy Road and will be directed to the identified parking area where unloading and access to seating is convenient. Unless otherwise directed, handicapped attendees who normally use the general powwow parking area will continue to do so if they are able to load their wheelchair and ride the tram to the powwow grounds. Special seating for these handicapped individuals will continue to be available and monitored by powwow staff.

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