Juust Sooup: Let them eat cake?

August 7, 2014

Your articles on the Jusst Sooup Ministry’s inability to use its beautiful new facility in an agricultural/residential district to feed hungry residents, and the serious consideration being given to a music concert venue in another AR-1 district tell a tale of two counties.

Sussex County ruled that a soup kitchen built to feed the many hungry residents in our area is not a permitted use in an AR-1 district. Imagine that, food (in an agricultural district) for residents (in a residential district) is not a permitted use.

However, concerts for nonresidents that will ruin nearly a square mile of farmland (in an agricultural district) and destroy the quality of life for residents (in a residential district) are a permitted use.

Should Sussex County Council approve Mr. Pires’ venture, it will be the equivalent of telling surrounding residents “Let them eat cake.” But that would be no surprise, as the county already said that to our many hungry residents.

Just remember how that worked out for Marie Antoinette.

Bill Oliva

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