Sandcastles brighten misty day in Rehoboth

August 4, 2014
Nine-time winner Darrell O'Connor teaches Millie Bawcombe, 6, of Alexandria, Va. the techniques of building on his community castle. BY DAN COOK

The 36th annual Sandcastle Contest was held Aug. 2 at Fisherman’s Beach in Rehoboth. The winners of the contest are as follows:

Top 10 Judge’s Favorites - Adult (15 & older) in no particular order:

· Card Sharks - David DeVitra, Justin Chimies and Emily Chimies

· Dark and Stormy Knight - Andy West

· Turtle Walker - Eric Bollinger, Glenda Roberts, Beverly Brown, Ashley Roberts, Sadie Bishop, John Webb and Amanda Roberts

· “Stuck” - Reese Brittingham and Eddy Seger

· Think Outside the Sandbox by Sandscapers - Kathryn Allen, Karlie Allen, Kayla Allen, Aubrey Miller and Jacob Miller

· Roast Busters - Lynn Williams, Heather Williams, Krista Williams and John Boyer

· It’s A Jungle Out There - Sheri Miller, Brenda Harvey, Greg Miller, Christine Miller, Rita Sharp, Ariella Sharp, Mary Ann Hoffecker, Scott Hoffecker, Alex Jacobs, Steve Borchelt, Cindi Borchelt, Joseph Cremi, Gary Stultz, Sue Stultz, Troy Hartman, Lisa Hartman, Kim Parish, Ashley Parish, Cheyenne Peet, Jeff Jacobs, Brent Miller, Jessica Thomas and Pam Osborne

· Just Chill - Robert Hedden, Sava Hedden and Allisen Hedden

· Putin on the Blitz - David O’Brien, Shai Segall, Patricia Joo, Dewan Clay and Devon Clay

· Test Your Smoke Detector - Larry Murray, Cassandra Murray and Miranda Murray


Top 10 Judge’s Favorite - Child (7-14) in no particular order:

· Mermaid Mack - Ella Niedelman, Hailey Smith, Ian Smith and Mackenzie McVay

· The Dead Want Their Treasure Back - Trevor Tiffany

· Sphinx - Emma Whalen and Audrey Whalen

· Bowl of Fruit - Grace Conway and Abbie Conway

· King Tut & Sarcophagus - Raymond Menoni and Reece Mononi

· Turtle with Grass - Sydney Wilson

· Anchor’s Away - Price Lindsay and Mikaylah

· Dragons and Egg - Grace Gunther

· Island Life - Grant Unterreiner and Tucker Pfiffer

· Live Mermaid - Maddison Hachl