Milford Community Band awards 16 music scholarships

Parker Maull, tenor sax player, stands with with members of the MCB selection committee (l-r) MSD Elementary band director Todd Mentzer, Milford Community Band founder Joe Lear, Laura Herbin, Selection Committee Chair Kay Meade and Milford Central Academy band director Wayne Smith. Not pictured is Payton McKellop, trombone player. SOURCE SUBMITTED
August 9, 2014

The Milford Community Band, Delaware’s longest-running community band, gave music scholarships to 16 Milford elementary and middle school musicians totaling over $2,000.

“We’re supporting the next generation of musicians,” said Kay Meade, who chaired the selection committee. “There is a lot of competition for these kids' time, and we’re trying to give them the opportunity to learn music in a one-on-one environment. Early musical training can make or break a musician.”

Each scholarship includes eight private lessons at the Milford Music Center, where the teacher can focus on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and give them specific exercises to improve their playing.

Meade said the support of the people of Milford was overwhelming, as over 25 businesses and individuals made 2014 the biggest campaign to date.

“It was a banner year," said Meade. “The people of Milford showed their true colors as huge supporters of the arts.” The MCB has awarded 105 music scholarships since 2007.