Vote McGlone, Myslewski, McGuiness

August 8, 2014

I am voting for Tom McGlone for mayor because it is time for a change. It is not just change for the sake of change; sometimes, one just needs a new set of eyes to look at things. He manages my money, and I am sure he can do a great job in contributing to the management of the city. He is trustworthy and concerned about the welfare of the community.

I for one would like more transparency in the way the city is run. I would like the meetings streamed online, and Tom is more technologically advanced to push for this to happen. He works with numbers all the time. He has degrees in finance and special training in taxes. Who better to work on budgets and projects that are going to affect us all in the next coming years. He is very flexible and easy to work with and would not force his opinion on anyone.

Larry Myslewski is a relative newcomer to local politics, but I have known him for many years. He owned a small business here in the city and can bring the insight of what it is like to run a business in this city. He is well educated, practical and working at the World Bank. His expertise in human resources would be invaluable, as I am sure he would offer to look at the city employee packages to see if there were ways to update them and maybe save money.

Kathy McGuiness was a commissioner and would like to become one again. I was very impressed with her level of knowledge and enthusiasm at the debate. She also seems to have a proven track record of getting things done.

There are people who are very content with the way things are here, but how do you know that things would not have been even better with someone else at the helm years ago?

Who am I? I am a physician who has worked here for 12 years, and I am a homeowner since 1994. I want this city to become more progressive. I want proactive people representing me. I would like to know what is going on and maybe even get to vote on some issues through referendum.

Also, I think voting should be made easier instead of putting the voting deadline two months before the election, and not even notifying people when they are being thrown off the list of registered voters. There are a lot of people who would like to vote who cannot or do not know that they are even eligible to register. I think the voting rolls should be all-inclusive.

Dr. Nancy A. Mondero
Rehoboth Beach

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